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Welcome to the Adventure Games Coalition!

The Adventure Games Coalition is an informal, worldwide group of non-commercial web sites devoted to the promotion of Adventure Games and to helping the adventure gamer, both the experienced gamer and those new to Adventure Games. We offer Reviews, Previews, and Articles; Help, Explanations, and Hints; Walkthroughs, Solutions, and Patches; and much, much more. Just click on "The Coalition" Button above .....

What is an Adventure Game?

An Adventure Game is about using your mind instead of your trigger finger; about testing your clever thinking and creative problem solving instead of your dexterity and reflexes. It is based on a story (any kind, from fantasy to fact and from humorous to serious) in which the hero (that's you!) is on some kind of quest or adventure (the plot): in other words, there is a problem of some sort which must be resolved in order to successfully complete the game. To succeed you usually must visit different locations (called "worlds"), interact with objects and/or people, and figure out where to go or what to do next, collecting clues and/or objects along the way to help you solve the puzzles and problems.

If you would like to try playing a little Free Online Adventure Game, just click on the "Play Game" Button above to play: The Mystery of Time and Space... That is, if you dare!

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