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General Adventure Game Sites
 Adventure-Archiv A wonderful collection of information on Adventure Games. Features daily news updates and thousands of links to reviews, previews, articles, solutions (walkthroughs), hints, downloads and so much more.  In German and English
 Adventure Classic Gaming Adventure Classic Gaming is the premiere online resource dedicated to classic and retro adventure gaming, covering both classic adventure games and interactive fiction on all computer and console gaming platforms.
 Adventure Games Provides Walkthroughs, Game Descriptions and Related Links for many Myst-like games. They include Myst, Riven, Myst III: Exile, Myst IV: Revelation, URU: Ages Beyond Myst plus the two expansion packs,Myst V, Dark Fall, Dark Fall II, Schizm (Mysterious Journey), Riddle of the Sphinx, The Omega Stone, Amerzone, Reah, Rhem, Rhem 2, Hype, Zork Grand Inquisitor and Zork Nemesis.
 Adventure Games Forever All About Adventure Games: Reviews, Screenshots, Discussion Board, many Links, and some Adventure Game Soundtrack Music.  In German
 Adventure Games Hall of Fame When it comes to adventure gaming, the Adventure Games Hall of Fame offers a little bit of everything. Reviews, ratings, walkthroughs (English, German, Hungarian) and lots of pictures for the most popular and the possibly forgotten adventure games.
 Adventure Point An extremely useful resource for getting info on over 1200 graphic and text adventure games. Each graphic adventure in the extensive database has its own page and includes screenshots, a brief synopsis of what the game is like, plus a star rating. An interesting, and novel, approach involves listing adventure games by sub-category; puzzle, story, history, educational .... -type game, etc..
 Brass Lantern Brass Lantern has adventure game news, reviews, and editorials. It originally was part of the Interactive Fiction pages.
 GameBoomers It's more than a journey to adventure and it all begins within the community.  GameBoomers offers a variety of discussion forums, walkthroughs and solutions and adventure game tech support.
 Games Over Stuck in a game? No sweat! Here you'll find the walkthrough for every game... This is also the place for lots of hints, tricks, cheats,  demos, patches, reviews, previews, games and a helpdesk for gamers!
 Game-Solves Game-Solves provides Walkthroughs, Cheats, Hints, Reviews and a Message Board for discussing Adventures Games.  In English and Dutch
 History Adventures On this site you will find only computer adventure games with historical content and backgrounds. All the games were created together with museums, archaelogists, historians and experts. They are spectacular 3D Reconstructions of History: events, people, buildings, entire cities, everyday life and different cultures. Do you want to experience history?  In German and English
 Inferno's Adventures & Windows XP Compatibility Website Many older games may be played under Windows XP, but some of them require very special techniques and additional supporting software to get them to either install and / or run (especially DOS games). This site is primarily devoted to helping XP owners know what they must do to play those games. Includes a list of games that will or won't run under XP, and a library of links for finding additional help. Reviews and walkthroughs for a few of Inferno's own favorite adventures are also included.
 Jeanne's Great Game Links Find information about Games and Gaming faster!  Links to the best gaming web sites for:  patches; hints or cheats; reviews and previews on the hottest new and old games; online web games; places to buy, sell or trade games; and industry news.  You'll find everything you need on Jeanne's Great Game Links.
 MegaZina's Game-Aid Do you want just one hint when you are stuck in a game, or a step by step walkthrough, or perhaps an illustrated full story? Here you can choose what you prefer, and also ask your own questions at the Message Board.  In Swedish and English
 Mr. Bill's Adventureland Reviews and Previews for both Adult's and Children's Adventure Games (including the Old Classics), extensive Games List, Message Board for Help and Hints, Walkthroughs, Places to Buy Games, Special 'How To' Section to help those new to computers and gaming, and much more.
 PAGODA Game Database An extensive collection of links to websites that provide reviews, walkthroughs and more for graphic adventure or puzzle computer games.  Information provided here for each game includes developer, publisher, year released, and type of computer it runs on.  Games can be searched for under any of these headings.
 Programmer In Black Game Reviews Features reviews of a number of older and newer adventure and puzzle games. Reviews include hints for playing each game.
 The Adventure Complex Provides an Index and Overview of Adventures Games for the PC.
 The Infocom Page Features complete step-by-step solutions to all the classic Infocom text adventures.
 XYZZYnews XYZZYnews is the online 'zine for fans of interactive fiction games, providing articles about text adventures, game reviews, interviews with programmers, and hints for players.

Adventure Game Fan Sites
 Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset Fan Site for all the Space Quest games by Sierra-On-Line. Provides Game Descriptions, Screenshots, Walkthroughs, Humorous Moments, Message Board and more.

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